Over the Hill rapper trying to promote his music. Tonight I sent my spotify link to Roast and Review

Over the Hill rapper trying to promote his music.    Tonight I sent my spotify link to Roast and Review Artist:    Soul Plantation Song: I Hip Hop Listen on these links to spotify. Hot Album Link     Or click here for your favorite music service Hosted by TheOrchard: Hot Album stream and spread the word!     hit me at instagram: @afro1johnny
Johnny Afro grew up as a DJ and an Emcee, and both of those experiences are reflected in his songs. He writes from the Super Hero perspective because of his desire to make the world a better place. Some songs are tales of experiences and thoughts at different crossroads in life. The effortless cadence and smooth voice combined with timeless slapping tracks, creates an awesome effect for any listener.
DJ Johnny Afro will be in the mix tonight!! Club Enso @ 3rd and E. Santa Clara St. in Downtown San Jose. There is no cover charge! You must be 21 & up and and nice cool person. Come through and show us your game. Lounge style with dancing. Pushing that Phat Bass, Top 40, underground and classic hip hop vibes. Todays trap beats and blends with some lil jon hollarin' every now and then. Everything it takes to keep the party poppin!

Music Programs I'm using lateley.....

My lastest little find is: Great for editing audio, compressing, expanding, reverb, eq, and is rather simple and elegant. I used it on my latest release: Proof Is In The Pudding which releases April 16, 2018 Another useful tool is this 4k downloader : This allows me to find my old youtube songs that were automatically uploaded via cdbaby and download them in the mp4 format. Here is the automatic Johnny Afro topic channel generated by cdbaby: The cool thing is they are gonna let me use the pro version of 4kdownload just for posting this in my blog!! yippee Thus I can just click once and create and archive of all my topic releases without doing one by one via the free version . Now I can have quick access to the song and thumbnail video for my historic reocrds. Seems to be the best video capturer since offliberty and keepvid went extinct. I use it also to download flat earth videos for offline review and study. I&#

Proof Is In The Pudding - Album Release - April 16, 2018


Foods & Effects 2017

1.  Master Brew Kombucha - Makes you feel good, GTS triolgy also 2.  Distilled White Vinegar - Reduces pain of cramps and stiffness 3.  Lime juice - aids with digestion 4.  Bai - anti-oxidant drinks - pep up energy and motivation levels (stevia extract & coffee fruit extract) 5.

Johnny Afro's latest hip hop release "IT"

IT by Johnny Afro listen here! IT by Johnny Afro listen here!

Old Music Store Link for Johnny Afro

Here is the link to my old music store on cdbaby

Johnny Afro - Releases... Golden Goose CD!!

Johnny Afro - Releases... Golden Goose CD!! Order The Audio CD Click Here Also available on Itunes & CD Baby Here Snippets Click Here Golden Goose I don’t know where I’m goin and I don’t know where I been Till I found the goose goose goose goose Who’s that wonder bout the golden goose. Goose Goose Talk about a secret talk about a formula If you in the club I’m bout to warm it up Laughin my ass off hits on blast Jubwa on the jam you ain’t gots to ask He looked at me king kong had nothing Dropped the blonde said I’m down with john Let me hit with strong recognize game I do it my way my path the same Strange how they flock keep em all in line No matter how you touch you can’t take mine The goose the formula the master plan Here I am again with a gangsta jam Ham up the show pork official Buck buck ducks done shot they shots Everything I got has got to pop0 Giddy giddy up and it just don’t’ stop Tell it on your auntie th

See Through It

Now you know better rhyme writer script decode it. It's on hit break me for I break you. race through the times mega money on my mind. don't like my shine when your view is from behind. tonight I grasp game twist it remold it. brushin off my shoulders truth a behold gist. You know the fist pumper fiendin backsides plumper. squirm for the firm you gits no turn. Clap speak accolades the gift is in the spades. The spirts lifts raise catch me from your daze. amazing the subtle print with no rebuttle. put a muzzle on this cat and no bark is held back. tracked out on track distract the black. focus past the jokers pokin with vocals. shook you up trophy catch em dazed loafing. Analyze me closely too devine for you pokey.